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Gluten Free Italian Food Products in India



We have been receiving a lot of comments recently on what products relating to cuisines are gluten free in India and thus the necessity to choose a cuisine and its products readily available thankfully in India today.

We  have often heard how people have had to curb their pasta cravings just because they had to go gluten free but  fi making gluten free pasta is simple these days.  The following ready to make pasta and pasta sauces are widely available today in supermarkets and online stores, so all that keeps you from that plate of delicious pasta is 20 minutes – the total time taken to make pasta if you use a ready made sauce.

Pasta  Sauces  –

1. Barilla Pasta Sauces – Look for the gluten free label right at the bottom of the bottle.

2. Prego Pasta Sauces – Look for the gluten free label right at the front right end of the bottle.

3. Loyd Grossman Pasta Sauces – If there is any allergen it will be in Bold. Celery and nuts are the allergen in this product.

4. American Garden Pasta Sauces – American Garden has now come out with clearly labelled products where the label ‘Gluten Free’ appears on the front right of the glass jar. So just keep an eye out for the Label.

5. Sacla Pasta Sauces – The best when it comes to labelling – it is Gluten and Lactose Free.

6. OLEA EUROPAEA Pasta sauces and pesto – Clearly labelled without any additives.









Ready to Make Pasta

1. NutriHi (Indian Brand) – In variants of Spinach, Beetroot and Plain rice also available under the Godrej Nature’s Basket brand Healthy Alternatives.

2. Schar Pasta’s – In many varieties along with Lasagne Sheets.

3. Garofalo Corn Pasta – Spirals and Spaghetti.

4. Mamy Rice Pasta – Spirals and Penne ( From Thailand).

5. Buon Tempo Pasta – In shell, spiral and penne.

6. Orgran Pasta in all varieties – These days availability it is not readily available due to import challenges .




Nutra Hi Pasta

Pasta Sauces are available in Godrej Natures’ Basket, Foodhall, Namdhari’s Fresh in Bangalore, Nilgiri’s in South India, M K. Retail, Easy day, Spar, Total Mall, Gourmet Westside and Spencers’ Pan India and most gourmet and big super markets.

Online –

Pasta is available in Godrej Natures’ Basket, Foodhall, Namdhari’s Fresh (Mamu) in Bangalore, M K. Retail, Gourmet Westside and Spencers’ Pan India and most gourmet and big super markets.

Online: – schar


Eating Out Gluten Free in Bengaluru!


Eating out is always something which involves a little bit of planning for anyone who is on a gluten free diet. Over the last five years I have had the opportunity to eat at a few places in Bangalore, some have become my regular go to place if I crave for something different other than the usual home cooked meals. There are places I have gone back again only because the Owner or the Manager is really understanding and takes the care required to prepare a meal. Sometimes also because the Menu has very many options for a gluten intolerant person. One of the areas I absolutely love in Bengaluru is ofcourse Indiranagar, so most of the places I eat out happen to be in Indiranagar or the vicinity.Do not fret I have taken into account restaurants in other areas as well. I am sure there are so many more than I have listed but my list is compiled on the basis of what is available on the menu, my personal experience and yes I am highly sensitive to gluten, within 15 minutes of accidentally ingesting gluten I show symptoms so taking into account all my experiences I have arrived at this list.

The Good News is I have seen a considerable change over the last few years. I do not know if it is the awareness or Celiacs like me constantly asking numerous questions to Owners/Chefs and Managers it has become an easy city for a Celiac to live in. *does a happy dance*

The Rule of Thumb – Always Ask Never Assume Everyone Knows About Gluten.

Another reason to write this blog post is because I want the information out there so people will not find it difficult anymore.

1. The Black Rabbit – There are options in the menu a Celiac or GF person could have but ask to speak to the manager or Chef they know their allergens so you are in good hands.

2. Nandos – The good thing it is a international franchise and you can have almost everything there because Nando’s sauces are gluten free and the only side you cannot have is Potato Wedges because it has wheat starch,they use McCain’s potato wedges which has wheat starch. You could have the fries but there is likelihood of cross contamination from the oil which is sometimes used to fry the wedges as well. I love my Chicken so I usually tend to order a 1/4 chicken with a side of beans, corn or spicy rice.

3. Chillies – Again another international franchise, know their allergens. Inform the waiter and he/she will get you to talk to the Manager or a Senior staff who will help you. I tend to usually order a grilled chicken or something along those lines

4. BBQ Nation – They know their allergens, senior staff will help you out if you speak to them. All the BBQ stuff is mostly gluten free.

5.The Glass House – Another place which knows their allergens. Order their meat dishes with some lovely sides or their rissotto. Dessert – stick to the panna cotta or their Ice Cream

6. Habanero – Another place which knows their allergens, I tend to stick to a chicken/meat dish. They tend to special requests quite well.

5. Toscano – Know their Gluten and Allergens well. There is a lot of stuff you could order from the menu.

5. Cafe Noir – The know their allergens well and if you are a non-vegetarian there are quite a few meat options that are naturally gluten free.

6. Olive Beach/ Monkey Bar/Fatty Bao – These places the staff, the Chefs know their allergens so you are in good hands. ( Chef Chandra has all this sorted )

7. The Cafe at Max Mueller Bhavan – They know their allergens well and will go out of their way to accommodate your request. The other day they made me a Moussaka but did not add flour.

8. Red Fork/Daddy’s Deli – Daddy’s Deli the Parsi restaurant has way more options for a gluten free person. The Manager Mahendran is a gem of a person and takes your request very seriously. Red Fork has fewer options but whatever you order care is taken that you get something safe to eat. I love the desserts here as well. Zarine Kharas or Sneha Shankar the owners/co -propreitors are mostly around so you can always check with them. However their staff is well trained and you generally do not require to speak to someone in charge.

9. Ginger Tiger – One of the very few Pan Asian places which knows its allergens. I guess it has to do with it being an international franchise.

10. Carrots – Krishna and his team know about gluten and have lot of vegan and gluten free dishes to choose from

11. Smoke House Deli – Here again just speak to the manager or a senior waiter and you are in good hands though peak weekends times might not be a great time to visit unless ofcourse you have reserved a seat.

12. Sunny’s – The absolute favourite of Celiacs. Why you ask? They do a gluten free pizza on request and it is yumm! You can also place an order for take away. Call a day in advance and your pizza cravings will be taken care of.

13. Mast Kalandar – Gaurav Jain the Founder says that the safest option is to have their rice dishes/combo’s and so far I have done so without any problems.

14. Mc Donald’s – what can you have here well nothing except for the fries. It is safe because they use a separate dedicated fryer and their fries are gluten free.

15. South Indian restaurants – It is the easiest place for a Celiac or GI person. You can have Nagarjuna’s meals, Paradise Biryani, Annapoorani and Adyar Ananda Bhavans Tiffin and rice items barring the obvious dishes made out of rava or maida. You might ask why others do not show up here, the simple reason because Kannadiga style Tiffin places tend to add rava to their normal rice dosa and idly batter. Rava is a variant of wheat too so that is why. Achayan’s is a favourite for Keralite food or if you are looking at a Fine DIning Options look at Vembanad at the Paul, Ente Keralam, Fort Kochi. There are so many you can take your pick because we Mallus eat 80% naturally gluten free stuff ( Have I told you how awesome it is to be a Mallu if you are on a gluten free, if I haven’t well it super awesome;-) )

16. Five Star Hotels – All of them are aware of Allergens so it is easy eating out there. Taj makes an awesome gluten free bread. ITC folks are super sweet and careful.
17. Double Tree Hilton Suites – My fellow Celiacs Pavneet’s finding, they do gluten free breads everyday at their buffet. So you are taken care of there too.

18. North Indian Places – Stick to rice. gravies and check with them on kababs. My favourite though is Imli because Archana and Somil Mittal have quite few dishes on their menu which apart from rice you can have. The Cheela’s , the vada’s , the pulavs, kichdee. As for Srinivasan the waiter he will help you out

19. Loft/Hard Rock Cafe/Church Street Social – Places have only a few options make sure you speak to a senior person so you know you are in safe hands.

20. Chaipatty – It is a great place to meet over Chai since we have so many coffee houses and fewer chai places, my friend Chirag runs it and the safe option is to stick to Chai and Pakodas.
21. Puma Social Club – Chef Ashley knows his allergens just call ahead or make sure you ask the waiter to inform the kitchen staff or Chef and you will have something you can eat.
How can I forget the ‘Uru’ dessert places

1. Baskin Robbins – International chain and have clearly listed their allergens.

2. Berry’d Alive – Aljeesh Siddique the owner has helped through the list of desserts I could have and trust me there are a lot. Panna Cotta’s and so many other things that I forget now.

3. Spoonful of Sugar – Flourless Cake and the Walnut Meringue

4. Naturals – My favourite Ice Cream place, it is economical and really preservative and gluten free. The owners have been kind to reply to our requests.

( I am sure there are so many more but this is my safe list for desserts)

I am yet to try so many restaurants but given a choice I love my home cooked meals so unless I really want to eat out or have to meet friends I prefer to experiment on food by myself. So if you are an owner of a restaurant and feel you know your allergens let me know or if you are a Celiac and have had good experiences anywhere do let me know, I will add it to my list.


Jeeva Bakes – Gluten Free Menu for Bangalore & South India

On October 16th, 2013 when ‘Jeeva’ Bakes had its first commercial Gluten Free sale we never knew we would come this far. Our focus is to provide Indians Gluten Free products which are healthy, tasty and economical and we strive to do that. We have had our share of struggles but we know we are here to stay and we will be announcing and introducing events, more products and other exciting news in the coming months. Stay tuned and to keep your tummies happy and kicking here is our Menu for the month of October. Look out for festive bakes in November and December!

Jeeva Bakes – Menu

Breads & Savoury Bakes

collage bread

Gluten Free Multigran Healthy Bread (Casein Free, Nut Free, Soy Free) –  INR 150

Gluten Free Eggless Multigrain Bread (Eggless, Casein Free, Nut Free, Soy Free) – INR 150

Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread ( contains milk and eggs) – INR 200

Gluten Free Pizza Base ( Eggless and Casein Free) –  Pack of 3 – INR 150

Gluten Free Pizza Ready to Eat – Non Veg – INR 600

Gluten Free Pizza Ready to Eat – Veg – INR 500

Burger Buns – Pack of 4 – INR 300

Calzone – Pack of 3

Non Veg Toppings – Green Capsicum, Gluten Free Sausage, Roasted Onions, Olives – INR 400

Veg Toppings – Mushroom, Green Capsicum, Red Capsicum, Roasted Onions, Olives – INR 300

Gluten Free Crust less Mini Quiche – Minimum Order 12 – Contains Eggs and Dairy – INR 600

Pizza small edited  calzone 2


Cakes & Cookies

Flourless Chocolate Cake 1 kg – INR 900

Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Cake 500 gms – INR 500 ( INR 600 with chocolate icing)

Gluten Free Lime and Coconut Cake 500 gms – INR 600

Gluten Free Banana Bread I loaf – INR 400

Gluten Free Vegan Banana Bread 1 loaf – INR 400

Gluten Free Muffins – Chocolate – Minimum order of 6 ( 50 per piece)

Gluten Free Cupcakes – Vanilla, Carrot, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Seasonal Fruits ( INR 70 per piece, Minimum order 12)

Gluten Free Vegan Pineapple Cake 500 gms- INR 500

Gluten Free Vegan Banana Coconut cake 500 gms- INR 500

Gluten Free Brownies 500 gms – INR 500

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies – INR 200 per dozen

Gluten Free Butter Cookies ( Eggless) – INR 150 per dozen

Gluten Free Sugar and Lime cookies ( Vegan) – INR 200 per dozen

Additional Bakes

Let us know what you are looking for and we can customize it for you.


All orders should be placed 24 hours in advance. If you live in Chennai, Vellore, Trivandrum, Ernakulam, Hyderabad, Kottayam, Coimbatore . Put in a request and we will see if we can courier cookies and cakes to you.

Minimum Order is Rs 500.

Bangalore : Delivery ( Max INR 70 charge) upto 7 km from Indiranagar for October , we will be able to deliver to whole of Bangalore in the coming months

Alternatively pick up at Indiranagar next to ESI Hospital, Double Road, Indiranagar.

Prices may vary if there are any special requests. The prices are fixed and we do not entertain bargaining unless orders exceed INR 2000.

To place an order e-mail us :

Drop us a message – 

Follow us on Twitter : @JAGGlutenfree

SMS us – + 91 8867 548 617 or 080- 411 79793

All products are made in a gluten free kitchen with lab tested gluten free ingredients. If you have specific allergies or any intolerances please specify at the time of placing the order.  We are welcome to feedback and think our greatest strength is the support we get from customers who help us co-create our products. Wishing you a Happy Gluten Free Healthy Life!


Gluten Free Products in India : The New & Old!

Over the past few months I have been on a mission to get in touch with FMCG companies to know if their products are gluten free. Some have been very meticulous in their responses but sadly the bigger players never respond to customer queries.

Here are few of the products that can be safely consumed on a gluten free diet!

Dosa’s and Idly’s make for a delicious naturally gluten free breakfast. Sometimes it is great if you have some readymade batter to make great dosa’s or idly’s. I got in touch with ID special team and the responded with clarity. I really do not find much of a difference between the ID special batter and what we freshly make at home it all tastes the same! Their products are now available in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Mumbai and Sharjah.


PC : ID website


Dear Jeeva

Thanks for sharing your valuable concerns for the Celiac Disease patient community.

As you mentioned rightly iD batter is completely devoid of any ingredients containing gluten.

There are no chances of any cross contamination of gluten in the product as we process the product in the dedicated facility.

Regarding your point on the asafoetida used as a minor ingredient in our chutney recipe , the manufacturer has declared that there are no additives in the product.

Asafoetida used by us are in the form of a paste (soft compounded); which might contain some starch ; the origin of the starch is not known – if it is derived from corn; rice; wheat etc?

In this context we advise person with Celiac Disease not to use the chutney products.

As you have brought the issue to our notice we will further investigate on the ingredients compositions and update you.

Appreciate your concerns and promising our best support to the community.

Kindly feel free to contact me if your require any further assistance.

Kind regards

Sunny Cherian


A relatively new Chocolate brand ‘Schmitten’ also had some good news to share.


Schmitten operates under two brands ‘Schmitten’ and ‘Hopitts’ . Schmitten consists of different variants of Chocolate while Hopitts are mainly granola bars. When I saw the clear allergen labelling on their wrappers I wrote to them. The good part is they have nabsolutely no gluten ingredient in them, the granola bars just have oats which is not gluten containing but kept at bay for Celiacs because of the high cross contamination it may be prone due to its processing techniques.

Greetings from Schmitten !!!!

Dear Sir,

Thank you for writing to us.

Except Granola Fruit and Granola Nut bars (Hoppits) rest of recipes are free from Gluten (Oats).


A new brand JustPressed seems to have some interesting products to offer. Rahul Monga, the CEO assured me that their products are gluten free.  They have varieties of gluten free cold pressed juices and trail mixes.



There was a time when everyone other than those in Delhi and Mumbai kept worrying about how gluten free pasta was not available as many imported brands had ceased exporting to India due to some policy obstacles. Now we have atleast in all the metro’s a couple of brands available

Mamy Rice Pasta – A South Asian product it is available in Pan India supermarkets like Spencer’s and local super markets like M K Retail, Namdhari’s Fresh.

mamy pasta

Gargalo sine glutine Pasta

Schar’s Pasta Range

( Both the brands are available in Nature’s Basket and Foodhall and other gourmet stores)
NutraHI Pasta’s available at all Godrej Nature’s Basket stores

Nutra Hi Pasta

I am also asked a lot about Pasta sauces and there are many certified gluten free Pasta sauces now available in India.

Barilla, Prego and Sacla are Pasta sauces which are available in supermarkets all over India.

Gluten Free Soya sauce is now available on alongwith a host some other Asian sauces. Great information for all of us who have not being seeing Ayam’s on store shelves.

( Disclaimer: All images are from respective product websites. There is no monetary compensation offered to me to write about these brands. This is a personal effort to help people know what is available and gluten free)