Born an Indian to Syrian Christian Malayalee parents living in Kuwait.Was schooled in Kuwait and Trivandrum.Headed to Chennai, Stella Maris College for an undergraduate degree in economics and then dawned the revelation of learning more of the queen of social sciences.From the shores of Marina I landed straight into Robinhood country – Sherwood Forests …The land of the lace, cotton and Allen Solly – u guessed it rite Nottingham!-MSc in Economics from the Univ of Nottingham.

The Indian dream lived on and this patriot wanted to serve the country with all her passion- viola came the UPSC exams- as every hard working indian aspirant she burnt the midnight oil but that wasnt what ‘The Father’ wanted for her.

Then came along a teaching stint at SV coupled with learning the mother tongue to its fullest.The colorful words I heard there I will never forget.

Bangalore came calling and CII wanted a person to handle Econ and Policy Affairs and there came Jeeva walking into the office like a Godsend angel!She and they looked no more our catch is right here they thought.

She survived it out and DA caught her attention – making bangalore a city she could tolerate to live in.

Now it’s 2 years and I love the Kannadiga capital – I’m Bangalored.


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