Making It To The Anthah Prerana Intitative Short List


Much has happened! I saw this post to send ppt’s for budding entrepreneur’s. I was too tired to send in one finally 1 hr before the deadline I sent a half baked according to me presentation.

On November 15th when I was down and out I get an e-mail from TiE, Bangalore saying I made the cut.

One among the 24 names short listed.

It is nothing short of a miracle to me to be short listed.

Today I need to go with a presentation or so for a Workshop with Mohandas Pai and N. Krishna Kumar of Mindtree. They head the Finaly Jury. My body is aching from no rest, I haven’t done a thing except for my story in my head.

The Finals is on the 30th. All I have in Mind is If I make it good – if I dont good too, because it was and is excellent exposure and lot of networking.

Prayers and Fingers Crossed I keep! I hope you wish me well sincerely as well.


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