Monday Inspiration!

“I know what it’s like to be devastated and feel like your life has been destroyed. But I also know what it’s like for God to work in your life and for Him to give me double for my trouble. And you can too!” – Joyce Meyer

This is true for me! Rome was never built in a day. The happiness and the adventures now didn’t come easily. There were Valley Days where I learnt a lot through pain, through being humiliated because of being Celiac , to being shown the door cos I am a sick employee, to being in Bed for ages, to being highly anxious, stressed and depressed, losing hair and my memory in spurts. But You know what He is in the Business of Restoring and It is all coming back in fact has come back . Could not drive but now I drive 50 km a day if need be and I still bake, cook, do work and manage a house and a business

The Logo for Jeeva, glutenfreeliv.in arose from all these circumstances.

jeeva big logo

The Circle is about not boxing Life – Its about the Fullness of Life – the circle of Life – Life being Jeeva- Eternal Living Soul is what it means in Sanskrit. Never knew that my Name would be the stepping stone what God has done thus.

The rest is self explanatory.

But this is just to Say – Hope always, Work and Strive towards it, Follow your dreams, believe in them and commit them to God- He will turn them into reality in His time.

Count your blessings and Have a Meaningful Mellifluous Merry Monday!


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