Launch of Jeeva,

Fresh Way FarmMarket Leaflet-Back

Fresh Way FarmMarket Leaflet-Front


cupcake trayKeep Calm and Ask Jeeva,

Yes, this is why we wanted to start this for people who want to eat economically yummy gluten free stuff and also for building awareness on Celiac and connecting people to take the case forward.

For us its been a wonderful journey arriving at a position where London’s finest Indian Restaurant has asked us to feature in their First Organic Farmer’s Market at Rasa India, Indirangar, Bangalore.

We will be there with Cupcakes, Breads, Quiche and a whole lot of goodies:)

Of course it will be all gluten free!

So see you there and Save the Date!

Come and Taste Life…Rasa Jeeva – The Taste of Life ( Sanskrit to English)Rasa India and Jeeva,


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Pooja Arora says:

    Hi…jeeva , this is pooja arora…I met you in indranagar club at the Christmas bazaar.I wanted your phone. …..

    1. jeevageorge says:

      Hi pooja pls email me at will pass on my no. Are u on Facebook?

  2. Smita prasad says:

    Glutenfree products are not available in Patna,bihar(india)…please help me…my n.8294585155

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