Gluten free products

Products and Ingredients – Gluten Full & Gluten Free

Products and Ingredients which have Gluten –

1. Wheat

2. Maida

3. Baking cornflour

4. Semolina/rava/sooji

5. Rye

6. Bran

7. Barley

8. Oats – controversial however cross contamination thus I would advise GF people to stay away.

Condiments – Pickles with Asafoteida – the Only Gluten Free one I have found is Priya’s.

Baking Powder because it just mentions Starch and nothing else. If you want to get Gluten Free Baking powder check the recipe on http://www.facebook.com/GFIndia

9. Foods which are stored in wheat starch, cereal binder or rusk and bread crumbs

10. Foods with Malt extract – some syrup’s and corn flakes, cereals

11. Anything coated with Bread crumbs, cornflour or maida

12. Play dough – Fisher and Price brand has it so for children with GF mom’s watch out

13. Hing – Asafoteida : Maida is the culprit, it has maida in it thus be careful not to have too much of sambar if eating out or stick to chutney’s .

Gluten Free Ingredients –

1. Corn

2. Ragi – Milet, Finger and Pearl, Jowar and Bajra

3. Amaranth

4. Quinoa

5. Polenta

6. Rice

7. Sorghum

8. Buckwheat

9. Tapioca and Potato starches

10. Xanthum gum – for binding in cakes and other bakes

11. Guar gum – again for binding

12. Potato Flour

13. Almond Flour

Products Available in Bangalore – Will keep updating this

  • Sorbet , Indiranagar  and Whitefield
  1. All orgran pasta – spirals, spaghetti , penne’s …everything you can think of!
  2. Orgran – Rice crumbs, egg replacer, Vanilla and Chocolate cake mix, Self Raising Flour and Bread Mix.
  3. California chips and Kettle – Gluten free
  1. Lot’s of Thai rice products, gluten free sauces
  1. Cereal – of the Post Brand , Orgran – choc O’s and other organic muesli’s


  • M K retail Indiranagar both the shops on CMH
  1. Orgran’s products from cookies to cake mixes, pasta’s, rice noodles, egg replacer if it is available ; if not found  go there speak to the manager.
  • Spar – Gluten free sometimes Cornflakes and cookies- Nourish Organics
  • Pristine Organics – Organic cornflakes is gluten free i confirmed it with them
  • Godrej’s Nature Basket – Gluten free atta, maida, daliya , soy egg replacer, pasta’s , noodles,

Sauces, chocolate, cereal, cookies, biscuits, chips, crisps.

  • Brown Tree – Gluten free sweets and sometimes cornflakes too

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  1. 1 Jenny
    February 10, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    Great list! Useful fr me also

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