Blini’s or drop scones

 Happy to enjoy n discover the goodness of Buckwheat flour athva kuttu in Hindi.In India it is used during the vraat for Dusshera to make kuttu poori’s.Sarrasin from the rhubarb family is completely gluten free and has a speckled appearance and slighty sweet for taste.

Blini /Drop scones – Adapted from Dove Farm Food,UK (Gluten Free Baking)

The traditional drop scones are often served with fruit puree, jams, maple syrup or even chocolate sauce.

Serves 4


Eggs – 2

Buckwheat flour – 175 g

Baking powder – 2 tsp

300 ml – milk

1. Whisk the eggs until frothy

2. Mix in the flour, milk and baking powder

3. Mix it till it becomes a smooth batter

4. Heat a little oil/butter on a frying pan and drop in some batter

5. Cook until the underside is golden and then turn over the other side.

Voila and your blini’s are ready top it with cream , apricot jam, honey or whatever your palate enjoys!Happy gluten free cooking and eating!This one too is for all the celiacs.


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